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What better way to get to know the port city of Cork and explore its lively streets than with a free walking tour of Cork.

What to see in Cork, UNESCO city of learning

Cork is the second largest city in terms of inhabitants of Ireland, only behind Dublin. It is located in the southwest of the country and offers a Georgian aspect coming from its past.

Currently, Cork is one of the main receivers of international students who come to this city to study a school year in Ireland or any other type of English course, so it has been recognized by UNESCO as a City of Learning.

Through the Free Walking Tour of Cork in English offered by our friends from Guruwalk (from Mapa Irlanda we can assure you that it is a fantastic tour), you will find a very lively city full of life and you will visit emblematic points of the city such as St. Finbar’s Cathedral, Forth Elizabeth, the Opera House or the beautiful area of the port of Cork. With its warm locals and captivating scenery, Cork stands as a must-visit gem on Ireland’s southwest coast.

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